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How do you become a curator on Spotify?

Do you realize that some people know how to make money from the air? They always see different opportunities where others don’t see them. Such people are really cool specialists. However, if you are not one of them, don’t get upset! Today we will teach you how to make money from love to music.

How do you become a curator on Spotify

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Can you imagine that you can earn money while listening to music? No, it’s not a joke as you could think. It’s a real truth! In the 21st century, you can make money via streaming services like Spotify. The only action that you have to do is to become a playlist curator.

You may ask us: “How do you become a curator on Spotify?

There are two ways that can help you to become a playlists curator:

  • work with music content directly with Spotify app;
  • get success by creating playlists and generating followers.

If you would like to choose the first way, you will need to apply on Spotify’s job postings.

Another way in becoming a curator is to create playlists and gain at least 400 followers. Once you have 400 real admirers of your talent to make attractive music content, you will be able to monetize your playlists on special platforms such as PlaylistPuch, Submithub, DailyPlaylister, Playlister premium, and others.

We recommend you to start from PlaylistPuch, as it has the lowest requirements for followers and listeners. You only need to have 400 followers and generate 30 new listeners per month. By comparison, if you decided to use DailyPlaylister, you must have 1000 followers and at least 200 new listeners monthly.

As you can see, the Internet is full of really pleasant surprises. Now it’s really easy to make money via listening to music. Moreover, you can gain even more money while working on different streaming services simultaneously.

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All you need is to create playlists on one platform and transport them to another place via the special program MusConv. Don’t spend your valuable time while creating playlists manually on other platforms. Trust MusConv and it will do all the necessary work instead of you.