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How do you blend on Spotify?

Every person has his individual musical taste. Some of us prefer rap music while others are fans of pop songs. However, imagine the situation when you are going to celebrate your birthday. You have already found an incredible place for a party, ordered food and drinks. However, music is still the only thing which you can’t choose.

How do you blend on Spotify

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It is no secret that music is the main thing that sets the rhythm of every party. That is why the right decision is to create specific playlists to satisfy every guest’s taste. Some years ago it was a complicated task. However, time flies and new-fashioned technologies simplify this process.

Nowadays you can create a playlist in minutes by using Spotify. We are sure that you have already used this streaming platform. Nevertheless, have you ever heard about  the Spotify blend feature?

A blend is a new option that lets two users create a shared playlist and mixes up their music. It is a really helpful thing that can create the most suitable playlist for any occasion.

You have just known about this feature. However, you still don’t get an answer to the question: “How do you blend on Spotify?”

We will not drag your feet and will show you the step-by-step process right now:

  • Sign in to your Spotify account;
  • Click on the “Search” link at the bottom of the main menu;
  • Find the “Made for you” section;
  • Click on the “Create a Blend” button and invite your friend.

When your friend joins, a playlist will be automatically created. This playlist will be in the “Made for you” section. Nonetheless, you can add it to your library whenever you want.

Pay special attention to the fact that this feature is only available for mobile devices. If you want to enjoy a blend playlist on the desktop, just create it on the phone and add it to your library.

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Spotify is a great music streaming service that tries to improve its platform every time. However, it may suffer the fate of Google Play Music one day and you may lose your playlists forever. Don’t want to get in such trouble? Rely on MusConv, a service that can transfer playlists from one streaming platform to another. Duplicate your playlists and get rid of the fear of music losing.