How do you contact someone at Spotify?

Many people can’t imagine their lives without using a music streaming service. It really makes their lives much more comfortable and easier when it comes to listening to music.

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If we talk about streaming as a kind of service, the benefits are obvious, and the main one is the opportunity to listen to a huge library of great music that is available to customers on their mobile phones, tablets, for example. However, as you know, there are hundreds of different streaming services, and only a few of them are noteworthy, and Spotify is one of these portals.

Let’s find out why Spotify is the application that is so liked by its millions of users and what special features it has. To begin with, it is a Swedish portal that was launched back in 2008. It offers its subscribers two options to use its service; the paid subscriptions and a free version. This variant includes ads and some restrictions, but if you don’t want to pay it is a suitable and pleasant offer.

In general, the main advantages of Spotify are:

  • an extensive music library with more than 50 million songs;
  • more than 4 million different playlists;
  • the opportunity to listen to your favorite music offline in the absence of the Internet;
  • several versions of the application that make it available for any device;
  • the ability to make your own playlists and share them with relatives and friends;
  • unique system of music selection based on your personal preferences.

This and much more interesting and comfortable features will be available if you become a subscriber of this application.

There a lot of benefits, indeed, but one of the frequently asked questions about the functionality of the platform is the following: “How do you contact someone at Spotify?” The answer may upset you because the developers didn’t consider this feature as a necessary function. They don’t think it’s entirely appropriate to transform the Spotify app into something like a social network. On the contrary, they think it’s a redundant function for music streaming services.

The only thing the application has to offer is the ability to share your playlists with friends (i.e. make them collaborative), keep track of preferable content of them, or send them useful links (if you’re subscribed to them, as well). For some people, that’s not enough, however, for others, it’s no problem to listen to music with your friends. They use the Group Session feature, for example, and communicate in a social network at the same time.

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