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How do you create a playlist on Denon DJ Prime 4?

Technological progress is becoming more and more evident every year. This applies to absolutely all areas, including the sphere of DJing. Modern equipment is becoming more and more convenient and universal. DJs can now mix tracks without using a laptop. One of the exemplary systems is Prime 4 from Denon

How do you create a playlist on Denon DJ Prime 4?

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This model of controller is completely autonomous thanks to a large built-in display. It has 10 inches in size and is able to contain everything you need for high-quality work.

In addition to autonomy, the high performance and reliability of this DJ unit is also worth mentioning. Firstly, this four-channel system is equipped with a multi-core processor, which conducts all operations quickly. And secondly, don’t forget about the built-in hard drive, which is the main storage unit. All these features ensure smooth and high performance along with reliability and security.

When it comes to whether Prime 4 is suitable for beginners, they are likely to find it difficult to understand. The system is aimed at people who already know what they need to do.

You may have worked with different systems and decided to switch to Denon Prime 4. The experience of using a controller with an integrated screen will be something new to you. That’s why there are often a lot of questions about the technical part. Today, let’s answer this question: “How do you create a playlist on Denon DJ Prime 4?

  1. To make any changes, you’ll first need to enable edit mode using the edit button. It is located at the top center of the screen. You will definitely notice it while browsing your playlists, for example.
  2. Once you have activated edit mode, select the Create Playlist function. It is located on the lower left corner.
  3. Once you’ve done all these steps, you can start adding tracks. The easiest way to do this:
  4. click on the necessary song and you’ll see it highlighted;
  5. now you can select more than one track (because selection mode is activated);
  6. then simply click on one of the selected elements and drag it into your new playlist.
  7. Done. Now you have the new music content in your playlist.

Useful tip. If you want to change the order of your tracks, you can also pinch one of the songs with your finger and drag it to the right place. Don’t forget that all these actions are available to you while the edit mode is still active.

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