How Do You Deejay?

Music allows you to experience a variety of emotions. It becomes the soundtrack of our lives. She has a remarkable ability to take us to another world, away from everyday worries.

No wonder many people dream of becoming a DJ. However, not everyone knows how to start. Well, you just need to take the first step. Make a plan, and then gradually begin to implement it.

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  • Listen to music. The first and key step to achieving this goal is to constantly listen to music. You can use popular services like YouTube or Spotify to listen to sets, remixes and CDs from other DJs. Go to a music club, watch a DJ work, try to understand what exactly his job is. In this profession, it is also very important to constantly develop your ear. This way you will find out what kind of music you like the most.
  • Purchase of musical equipment. After that, you will need to purchase special software and hardware to start learning how to make music. There are many specialized shops in the market, and some products can also be found on the Internet. Apart from the software, you will also need mixing hardware. The purchased device will require the necessary setup at the beginning. Updates can be taken care of a little later. A good solution is to read expert opinions, watch tutorial videos, or watch presentations by artists from the music industry. The instruction manual that comes with the equipment may not be enough for a beginner DJ. You can also learn a lot by playing alone. It is enough to be curious and open to new experiences.
  • Sign up for a course. You’ve listened to thousands of music lists and watched every tutorial video on YouTube. Despite this, you get the impression that all these activities, although very fun, also took a lot of time, and you still do not see the desired effects. This is a good time to consider taking a professional course that has a lot to choose from in the market. From learning how to use the software platform, practicing music mixing to creating music. Most major cities offer courses at schools and universities, but there are also online courses that are gaining popularity and worth studying.
  • Record your first track. If you’re already comfortable with your recording hardware or software and you have the basics, it’s time to take the next step in making your dream come true and finally create your first track. Then share it with as many people as possible.
  • Show off your skills. The next step is the first performance in front of a wide audience. An interesting idea is to use the closest relatives and friends for this. It is enough to offer your help in the form of a performance at a birthday, holiday or wedding. In principle, any opportunity to perform in front of an audience will be a good workout. It is recommended to start on a low traffic day. It is worth thinking about the environment to get used to the atmosphere before a performance or get used to stage fright.
  • Subscribe to a group in industry social networks. At the beginning of your career, it is extremely important to get as many contacts as possible. You can start sending your material to music producers or record labels right away, but it’s recommended to test your skills in front of a small audience first.

Set yourself some goals. Plan to play after a certain amount of time or play a few smaller events by the end of the year. Meet as many people in the industry as possible, other DJs, producers and club owners. Create your brand. The main thing is to be patient, develop and move forward.

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