How do you download songs on Apple music?

Apple Music is deservedly one of the most recognized and reliable services around. Apple Music subscribers can add and download videos and music just like you would with Spotify, one of the oldest and most trusted services around with millions of users. 

Is Apple Music worth it? You’ll find stuff on Apple Music that makes it better than the others. For instance, it’s way, way cheaper than Spotify and has a colossal industry giant backing it up. But should you stream or download?

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Streaming is a good choice, for instance, if you’re running out of disk space and want to find an option that allows you not to take up gigabytes of hard drive space with music and video. Or maybe there wasn’t that much storage space on your phone to begin with. But imagine for a minute that you went to a PC repair shop and installed a brand new SSD hard drive on your laptop and now you have tons of space and now you think downloading music is way better than always having to rely on an Internet connection that can often be wobbly at best. Here’s how you do it: 

  • Touch and hold a song 
  • Tap Add to Library 
  • Add playlists by tapping on an album or a plus for songs 
  • Choose Now Playing, tap ***, then tap “Add To Library”
  • You can choose the Delete button if you want to delete songs or albums from the Library just the same way
  • After adding tap the cloud 
  • Go to Settings – Music – Sync Library (you can also turn on Automatic Downloads to always download music)
  • Go to Downloading in Downloaded Music in the Library to check your progress.  

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