How Do You Get The Top-1 On Spotify?

In recent years, virtually the entire music industry has begun to revolve around music streaming services. Artists get four-fifths of their income from placing their creations on music streaming. Therefore, almost every one of them is concerned about the question of how to rise in the rankings to the maximum height.

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify is not only a market leader, but also an effective platform for promoting artists. Over the years, the streaming service, originally from Sweden, has paid at least $16 billion in royalties. Many artists claim that Spotify pays little. For example, on Tidal, you can get a much larger amount of royalties. This is not entirely true, since Spotify is effective due to its mass character. The service today operates legally in almost 200 countries around the world, and the number of its users is gradually approaching 400 million people worldwide, almost half of which have a paid subscription.

Spotify is currently the service with the most reach and global influence. The service statistics service works fine. And if artists are interested in how to become top 1 in Swedish streaming, then they should know the statistics and understand the algorithms of this process.

The data shows us that on a typical day, all #1 Spotify accumulated a total of 4,432,287 streams. With this result, we might think that if we calculate the average, it would be the same as saying that in order to become #1 on Spotify in some country, a song must get 100,000 plays per day.

But the reality is that if we did, we would be completely wrong, since in most countries it is possible to achieve top 1 status with far less than 100,000 daily streams, so much so that in some countries, such as Uruguay, for example, already four thousand streams can mean getting to the top of the rating.

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On the day of the survey, Nº1 in the USA had 1,290,796 streams, and Nº1 in Uruguay had 3,838 reproductions. The difference, as you can see, is simply colossal. And in the United Kingdom, 470 thousand streams are enough for the top 1.

To reach the top in one country compared to another, as we can see, e different efforts are required.

In order to assess the viability of a song in English that reached the top of the chart, it would be interesting to analyze the impact of this content on the market. But the truth is that for a song to hit the global top of Spotify, it would be very difficult if it couldn’t break into markets like the US, UK, Germany, Canada, or Sweden. It is these markets that are defining for Spotify. Europe accounts for more than 35% of the streaming service’s users, with another fifth of the total living in the United States.

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