How Do You Get Your Old Songs Back On Android?

Surely, many music lovers have encountered a situation where they either accidentally or simply thoughtlessly deleted files from their music library. It is possible that the entire media library was completely deleted.

For many, this state of affairs can be a disaster. But do not rush to sprinkle ashes on your head and suffer. Maybe not all is lost yet.

Despite the growing prevalence of cloud services, where tracks are downloaded over the Internet, you can download your favorite songs yourself, which is especially true for owners of phones with storage of 64, 128 or more gigabytes. In any case, audio recordings remain in memory, and if you need to access them, you can use any player application, after selecting the file using Explorer.

The most banal and, with high probability, widespread is the erroneous deletion of a file by the user. It happens that when you want to clean the device from unnecessary data, the user mistakenly erases the wrong thing from the memory. With the exception of the photos section and in some cases, deleted content does not move to the Trash, as on Windows with its default settings, but this does not mean that lost content cannot be returned.

There are programs that automate the above procedure. Among the hundreds of almost identical clone apps on Google Play, some are behaving downright weird, automatically marking important files as junk. The result is identical – the file is deleted from the storage, be it internal or external – for example, an SD card.

In the case when music is listened to through the application of any service, such as Spotify, the recording may disappear by decision of the administration. Often this is due to the refusal of the artist to cooperate with a certain label and other difficulties regarding the conclusion of legal contracts. But even there cases are not excluded when the user deleted the wrong file.

The most effective method is to re-upload the audio using almost any site that is on the corresponding request in Google. But it is not always possible to use it – for example, in the case of finding music by a little-known artist or a short amount of time has passed since the release.

First, try checking your shopping cart. It is quite possible that you have not cleaned it yet and the deleted files are located in it. In this case, just restore them. Nothing more needs to be done.

There are many applications that can help you recover deleted music files. You can easily find them in Intergen by entering the appropriate search query.

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We will tell you only about one so that you understand the principle of operation.

The program “Recover deleted audio” – the name of the utility speaks for itself. Several applications with this name are available on the network, so if one software fails, you can try downloading different software.

Follow these points:

  1. At the first start, click on Start, then select the gadget model.
  2. Specify if you have root permissions. Again, they are optional, but greatly increase the chances of success, since hidden folders of the system are scanned if they are present.
  3. Select one of the proposed storages to search, then specify the deletion date for detailed filtering.
  4. See what options are offered by the program. If among them there are the ones you need, click on the Recover button. For bulk restore, select All download.

From the same developer, there are tools that allow you to access lost contacts, images, SMS and other content.

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