How Do You Listen To Music On Spotify?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has now become not only the leader of the global music streaming market and the largest streaming platform, but simply an integral part of the modern music world.

Without Spotify it is impossible to present modern music. If the statistics say that it is music streaming services that today generate from 70 to 88 percent of all the profits of the global music industry, then Spotify itself has from 31 to 36 percent of the streaming market.

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming application created in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorenzon. The service is claimed to be the most used music streaming app, reaching over 381 million monthly active users as of September 2021.

With streaming services like Spotify, you can create music collections that you could only dream of before. There is a suitable track for every mood. Not surprisingly, most users have long been able to do without a collection of CDs.

Some people might think that music is something that can describe their feelings. Not only that, the music also often accompanies the fans at certain moments or even becomes an encouragement. Spotify has created a unique music recommendation algorithm for its users. It contains not only the history of listening to this user, the musical genres that he prefers, but even the algorithm for taking into account his mood, on the basis of which the service gives musical recommendations for listening. It is very practical and convenient.

In the future, Spotify will launch a new feature that will allow you to perform complex voice commands on the app. This feature is currently in the draft stage. It’s not Spotify’s smart voice assistant, but features voice control for playlists, music search, and playback.

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To start using the streaming service, you will need to create a new account. Today, the service is available in almost 200 countries, so this is not a problem. Next, you should choose a subscription form or tariff.

Spotify is distributed on a paid subscription and has a completely free version that you can use all the time, but with some restrictions on the set of functions and constant advertising.

If you look at the statistics, out of more than 380 million users of this music streaming service, about half use the paid version of the application. If the user decides to subscribe to a premium subscription, he will be given a one-month trial period, during which the use of the service will be free. The paid version has several tariffs, each of which is attractive in its own way. By the way, about half of the users of the premium subscription have signed up for a family plan, which provides for the creation of up to six completely autonomous accounts for users who live together.

Then you can safely start working with this streaming platform, create your own playlists, share music, and so on.

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