How Do You Make A Perfect Playlist?

If you are serious about music, love it, and use music streaming services, then you are familiar with the concept of a playlist. These musical selections may be different, but they all have one thing in common or one thing that separates them – quality.

But how do you make a good choice of music? If you want to make a really good playlist, then this may seem like a much more complicated process than it first seemed.

The perfect playlist starts lightly and after the first song comes the first strong track that maintains that intensity for two more songs and then descends, relaxing the emotional flow for two more songs before returning to a hit. In short, you have to give it a rhythm that changes from “high” to “low” for two or three songs.

There are three levels of emotionality in songs: very strong pieces, strong pieces and medium pieces. It takes a very strong song to make its mark at the beginning, and then the best ones should be distributed in the central part. The most relaxing piece, perhaps with an instrumental coda, should be put in conclusion.

And further:

  1. First: how do we feel when we want to start compiling a playlist? What do we want to convey to the person with whom we want to share it? Understanding our state of mind or the state of the recipient is important in order to avoid coercion.
  2. The second aspect: what emotions or messages do we want to focus on? Should the chosen songs excite or even send messages? This point is used to create a logical thread that will tie all the pieces together.
  3. Third move: cultural baggage. What songs we love or know can convey what we want? Let’s start with personal musical baggage, and then, perhaps, from there we will look for our own kind, less listened to performers. In this sense, both Spotify and Youtube come to the rescue, thanks to recommendations. Open a new playlist and paste in all the tracks that come to mind.
  4. Fourth action: now comes the key moment, i.e. put together the pieces of the puzzle, create a musical story, dose the pieces for a perfect match, proof of an inattentive listener.

Compiling a playlist is a great way to rediscover forgotten pieces or find cool new music after a fluke.

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Whatever your needs, this is the perfect time to collect and put together playlists, whether modern, on streaming services, whether or not included in the compilation for those who still have a CD in the car. Tape recorders are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, music streaming services have replaced physical media. Today, about 80% of all music in the world is broadcast through music streaming. Ways and fashion change, tastes and genres change.

Your playlist should be in harmony with a certain mood of a potential listener, be in tune with certain emotions. It can be public or private. In the first case, your playlist can be used by all users of the music streaming service or only by the category that you allow access to in the privacy settings.

If your playlist is private, only you can use it. It’s something very private that you don’t want to share with anyone. In this case, compose it as your fantasy tells you. Unless, of course, you plan to make it publicly available to your friends or to all users of the music streaming service in the future.

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