How do you make collaborative playlists on Spotify for one person?

Absolutely everyone has favorite songs, favorite artists, and favorite albums. Today, the modern music industry provides an opportunity for ordinary people to listen to all their favorite tracks with the help of popular music streaming services. These convenient applications make life much easier because now a multimillion music library could be placed a standard smartphone with average characteristics.

how to make collaborative playlists Spotify

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Of course, there are hundreds of different music platforms, and every person is able to find interesting content according to his preferences. However, today the topic of our discussion is the Spotify app, a world-famous service that has a lot of fans all over the world. Let’s focus on a feature that works with collaborative playlists, and find out their specifics and nuances of use.

So, the collaborative playlists function allows the convenient opportunity for an owner of interesting music content and his friends who could get a possibility to manage the playlist. If you’ve created an original playlist and you wish to make it collaborative, be ready that your friends would get access to it and could make following actions:

  • change the order of the songs;
  • add new tracks;
  • delete music.

You can see the information about all changes in the playlist, and it is very convenient. If you want to limit the freedom of actions of other members of the shared collaborative playlist, you can simply correct the settings as the owner.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to create a shared playlist and use it with your relatives or friends.

For the mobile phone (or tablet) you should download a special version of the app. Just make some steps:

  • Open My Library.
  • Choose the necessary playlist to share with.
  • Click the Add person icon.
  • Pick the button Make Collaborative.

For the desktop version of the app, it is necessary to:

  • choose the interesting playlist in the left panel.
  • select from the list of options the sign Collaborate Playlist and click on it.

After all these actions you will be able to share your music content with your trusted persons. However, you may need to get answer the question about how to make collaborative playlists on Spotify for one person? Well, let’s be honest, sharing a playlist with just one friend is the easiest thing to do. If you want to do this, just copy the playlist link and send it to your friend through email or private message (as you wish). As soon as the person clicks on the link, the shared playlist will immediately open in the Spotify application. After that, the person will get the right to listen to tracks and to edit the playlist.

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