How Do You Make Money On Audiomack?

Making money from remixes and original works has always been a controversial issue in the music world. More recently, with the advent and success of streaming platforms, DJs and producers have seen new opportunities to generate additional income from their work.

It seems that not too long ago, the Swedish music streaming platform Spotify announced that it would play unlicensed mixes and remixes with a guarantee of fair royalties. But today it is Spotify that is considered not only the leader of the global music streaming industry, but also one of the best earning platforms for independent artists from around the world.

Now it’s Audiomack’s turn to monetize the work of DJs and music producers. Launched in 2012, the app is invite-only, allowing you to monetize your products on the platform through ad revenue and user subscriptions. New now is the inclusion of sets, mixes and remixes.

According to Audiomack itself, the platform’s revenue is divided according to the consumption of each content. Factors such as engagement and listening time will be analyzed to find out how much an artist will receive for their production. That is, the better your work, the more money in your account.

There are two ways to become an Audiomack partner:

  1. Partnership with record labels. If you work with a record company and they have a partnership with the platform, contact them and ask for your entry to become a partnership. With mediation, the process can be less bureaucratic.
  2. Independent artist. If you are self-employed and have the necessary rights to your work, please request a request directly through Audiomack.

Now it’s time to wait for the platform invitation so you can start making money with your production.

Audiomack has become a breeding ground for many artists and musicians. This allows artists to upload their music and get paid for their streams.

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The amount Audiomack pays you may vary depending on the location of the streamers and various other factors. Audiomack is estimated to pay between 0.001 and 0.005 per stream. This can always vary based on various factors such as listener location, ad revenue, and others.

Audiomack provides a platform for new and emerging artists and musicians to advance their careers in the industry. Anyone can create music and sounds and upload them to the platform. Once the song becomes popular, the artist can sign up for the Audiomack program and monetize their stream.

It is Audiomack that can be considered one of the few music streaming services in the modern music market that give artists fair, from their point of view, royalties. According to the music streaming service, an artist earns up to four dollars out of every five dollars the company makes from music streaming.

The undoubted minus of Audiomack can be considered a relatively small number of subscribers, as well as a low geographical distribution. The platform is distributed both for a fee and for free. But the profit of this streaming service, in addition to advertising, is brought by paid subscriptions.

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