How Do You Make Songs Like Apple Music?

The American music streaming service Apple Music is in its heyday. Its share in the global music market is increasing every year, and today it is more than 24%. Especially Apple Music organically fits into the ecosystem of Apple gadgets.

But if someone tries to convince you that everything Apple touches automatically turns to gold, don’t believe them. Apple Music is fine. But it has flaws that make it hard for many users to take this streaming service seriously.

Creating playlists in Apple Music is a simple joke, as is managing them. The layout of playlists in the left panel of the Music app is intuitive and just works. To make it less chaotic, the creators have given us the ability to create folders there in which we can stuff lists with songs, taking care of more order.

At the very least, as long as you don’t add playlists automatically generated by the platform (or artists, if you prefer), then your music library will never be empty. You can’t hide these playlists anywhere, they should always be on top.

Make Songs Like Apple Music

Creating your own playlists and hosting playlists is another chapter entirely. You look for an artist, add a track – everything is fine. But once you go to the playlist, you will no longer be able to return to the page you were on a moment ago. Want to continue browsing the artist’s library? Use the search engine again. Break through the sections there, and only then will you be able to continue selecting and adding further.

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In Spotify, for example, you just need to use the “cancel” button. This in the Apple Music application sometimes also happens, but for some unknown reason it disappears as suddenly as it appears. Sometimes restarting the music streaming app itself helps, sometimes not.

Apple Music for many seasoned music lovers and users of music streaming services is so underdeveloped that they can’t part with Spotify. But the point is not that absolutely everything is wrong with this service – there are at least two elements that work much better in practice. The first is the automatic connection to the AirPlay 2 speaker immediately after the application is launched. With Spotify, you have to pair the devices every time the user launches the app – that’s not necessary here. A trifle, but making life easier.

The second, which is definitely a plus, is access to the local library, wherever the user is. Here, however, it is both sweet and a little bitter – because this function is extremely unstable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. How it works is good, if it doesn’t work, we have yet another proof that Apple Music is not as simple and obvious as many of us expected.

Creating your own song and hosting it on the Apple Music streaming service is not that difficult. To do this, you just need to be well versed in the algorithms of the platform itself.

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