How do you pitch a Spotify playlist to a curator?

Undoubtedly, it is the Swedish streaming music service Spotify that is one of the best world venues for promoting songs. Today, it has more than 350 million active users worldwide. It is it that is used today by most artists who were forced to switch to streaming music services to receive income, since the possibility of live meetings with their listeners is limited due to the pandemic and related prohibitions.

To promote your playlist on any streaming service, you will need to make some efforts. For example, you should advertise it as much as possible and turn to the music curators of the service, since it is on them that the luck or failure of your track largely depends.

The service is available in both free and free versions. There are many ways to improve Spotify results for free, but you assume that, as with any other goal, it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve it. On the other hand, to be as popular as possible, you need to carefully plan each step, be careful not to make several common mistakes and take for granted that you cannot always achieve your goals with one click of a finger.

There are several types of playlists on the service. The first is official playlists created by Spotify curators, that is, users who are more active in finding and creating content than others who the company considers the standard. The second are user playlists created by them.

When you find the playlist that is right for you, in the online version of Spotify, find the name that appears under the name of the song or playlist because it indicates who created it. Clicking on it will open the author’s profile, and you will also see the photo published by him. Try finding a name on another social network, for example, on Facebook, and see if the photo is correct, or watch public information: if the contact is the same, then you found exactly who you were looking for.

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Now just write a message to the account holder in a friendly tone and offer your work, presenting it in as detailed and colorful as possible. You don’t have to persistently ask him to add a song to the playlist, just ask him to listen to it and let you know what he thinks about it. If the curator likes the track, you will see that it will be added to your playlist, and you will achieve your goal.

To contact official Spotify curators, it is best to download Spotify for Artists. This is an official application that allows you to customize the artist’s profile, view song statistics, etc. The procedure is simple, and the result can be amazing if you are trying to advertise your music.

Pitching for the playlist curator can be considered mandatory, because his interest in your music will largely depend on the correct presentation of the track.

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