How Do You Play Infinitely On Apple Music?

The American music streaming service Apple Music has many features that are convenient and useful for everyone who has ever taken full advantage of its services. This variety of powerful features has earned the trust and loyalty of tens of millions of quality streaming music fans.

Apple Music is now one of the popular music streaming services that comes with a vast music collection and offers consumers many subscription options. It is available as the default music software for iOS devices and also allows you to connect directly to the Mac ecosystem.

The service will play everything that you have accumulated in your media library, then music recommendations based on the music you listened to will go into action.

One such update comes with the all-new iOS. Apple Music users may have noticed that the app is showing an infinity symbol in this new update. Moreover, if you haven’t seen this icon, you probably don’t know about this feature. So what exactly is the Apple Music Infinity Symbol?

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Autoplay means that the music in this streaming app will play indefinitely. In other words, the ∞ (infinity) symbol is nothing but the autoplay mode in Apple Music. You can easily switch it once and turn it off.

The infinity sign will pop up every time you turn on autoplay. When this popular feature is activated, the corresponding indication will be visible on the main screen of the music streaming application.

It will play new suggested songs based on your music library once all your songs have been played. It’s very similar to the Spotify feature in that it’s easy to use. The autoplay option will be enabled by default in the app, which you should keep in mind.

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