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How do you select multiple tracks on SoundCloud?

In the fly streaming service, SoundCloud is much easier than in some others to create their own playlists. This is free and easy and is done right in the app from your phone or computer. Moreover, any user can create a playlist on the SoundCloud.

Playlist names on the SoundCloud can be any, so they can be as creative or unusual as you want. More mild and evocative names can attract more attention, which should be remembered if you want to make your playlist public.

To select several tracks on the SoundCloud, firstly, you need to open this music streaming application on your gadget. Next, click the Find Music icon at the bottom of the page that opens.

How do you select multiple tracks on SoundCloud

When you access the SoundCloud app on your smartphone or PC, enter the name of the song you want to add to your playlist in the search bar. At this stage, you can also search for music tracks using the name of the artist, the name of the composition or the category of the musical genre. You can also use the name of a specific album to search for your track. It is enough to enter several letters of the name in the search string and the system will suggest several options based on your request. If your favorite tracks are among the suggested options, you can mark them and click «Add».

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The selected tracks are automatically added to the playlist. If you do not find the one you were looking for in the list of possible track options, then the action will need to be repeated again. The default name of your new playlist will appear as «New Private Playlist».

You will always be able to give it a different name without problems. Click «Done». You will see that your new playlist appears with the name you entered, and the music track you selected will already be there. Now repeat this step by step for each song you want to add to your playlist, and soon you will easily create your own playlist.

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