How do you set recording levels?

Recording level adjustment is the key to success. A low recording level will definitely lead to a loss of sound quality in the final version. And too high a level is unlikely to cause a fountain of emotions among listeners, because their hearing will be unpleasant to annoy errors in the recording.

While recording vocals, acoustic instruments or power tools, you want to hear in your headphones what you sing or play, and for this you raise the level of monitoring of the input signal, temporarily make it louder. After recording, as a rule, you set the level of the recorded signal so that it takes its place in the mix. It is very inconvenient to constantly change the signal monitoring levels manually, especially if you have multiple sources of simultaneous recording.

To optimize your workflow, you can enable an option that allows you to have two independent levels of input signal: with the Ā«Record EnableĀ» button on the audio track to control the level of the input signal during recording, and with the button turned off, to listen to the signal in the common mix.

You must have two programs at the same time, but in different windows there are two programs: the level controller of the mixing console for controlling the sound recording and playback levels and the program with which you will record sound.

This is how audio is recorded in all programs running the Windows operating system.

You need to set the recording control of the selected sound source to such a position that the sound is recorded as loud as possible, but without distortion. If the recording level is too low, the received phonogram will sound too quiet, and unnecessary noises will be heard in it. If the recording level is too high, then unpleasant sound distortions will be heard in the received phonogram in loud places.

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The volume control controls only the playback or monitoring level, not the audio recording level. You must set the recording level before the audio signal arrives in Logic – on your mixer or on the original audio source. Be careful when setting the input level, as the digital audio signal will be limited and cut off during overloads. Cutting off the input signal leads to especially severe, metallic distortions, so if you prefer to make sound recordings and work in heavy musical styles, it is not recommended using an overload of the input signal.

Remember that only programs designed for professional audio processing have a recording level indicator.

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