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How do you use an engine prime?

Denon is a well-known company that has great popularity all over the world. Its main activity consists of creating all kinds of audio equipment. Moreover, not so long ago the company introduced to the world new interesting software for DJs – Engine Prime. Therefore, the developers have invented software to manage the music files while creating the different mixes.

How do you use an engine prime?

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How do you use Engine Prime if you want to work with it? 

First of all, the interface of Engine Prime and its functions are easy-to-use. To upload music to this application for further processing, you can use the drag-and-drop method. Also, you should know that you can import music not only from computer memory. It is possible to choose loaded tracks from iTunes or Serato DJ, too.

Once you have your music collection in your application, you may try to organize it. To do this, you can create folders, subfolders, or any directories. Therefore, if you’re planning to set a party or other event, you can prepare the necessary tracks in convenient order by putting them in a separate folder.

One of the interesting features of Engine Prime is quick and high-quality music analysis. This means that after downloading, the application automatically analyzes the tonality of tracks and determines the Beat grid. With this analysis, your music library can also be divided into categories. It can provide the simplicity of use and orderliness of compositions.

Moreover, you should know about one more useful feature. This application is capable to store a huge number of tracks that are divided into folders and subfolders as a common library. It means that you can transfer all the information at once, for example, to a flash drive. When the import is completed, the information on the flash drive will also be divided into folders and subfolders as in the application.

Don’t forget that it is necessary to use a controller for high-quality DJing. This application is compatible with a large number of controllers from the same company. Therefore, you can not only study the program but also use it at different parties.

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