How do you use the Song Shift app?

Oh, MusConv is much better. And here is why:

The number of different music streaming services grows from year to year. Of course, ordinary users appreciate this tendency, because now there are plenty of variants of interesting platforms to choose from. Moreover, the competition between the services forces their owners to think about adding extra features to provide better services and offering bonuses and discounts to make the prices more acceptable.

Difficulties of choosing the right music service

Naturally, with the existence of so many music services, it is really difficult to make the right choice for users. Some of them do not know what they want to get from a music platform that’s why they change portals often enough, while others have already thought things out and the only moment they need is to migrate their entire music library to one particular service.

Whatever the case may be, in most situations, moving from one platform to another is often uncomfortable, and it raises a number of questions about how to do it without losses. So, what should you do if you want to try a new music service in search of something interesting or switch to a competitor where the conditions of use suit you better, and the perspective of losing your playlists and favorite songs is not good at all?

How do you use SongShift app?

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Use special programs to transfer your files

MusConv is a really unique and comfortable service. It can offer you different useful functions such as transporting individual audio files, albums, playlists, concert recordings, and artist biographies. The most significant advantage is the impressive number of streaming platforms the portal MusConv works with. It is possible to exchange audio files among all these applications.

The MusConv service works with more than 50 platforms, including the world-famous Tidal, Spotify, and Deezer. Also, the company cooperates with services such as Yandex. Music, and VKontakte. It makes the service more universal and convenient for users from different countries with individual preferences.

Try it free

How to work with MusConv?

So, after downloading, you will need to go through registration, it will not take more than a couple of minutes. This, in fact, is the main difference in principles, because further you also choose between the platforms that you want to exchange audio files, enter into their accounts, click transfer, and a couple of minutes later everything will be ready. However, it’s easy to understand the system, because you can choose both Russian and English layouts.

Pricing policy

As for pricing, MusConv offers 4 interesting packages options, including a lifetime subscription.

  • Basic – $6.99.
  • Professional – $ 7.99.
  • Ultimate – $8.99.
  • Lifetime – $97.

It’s also possible to get a 40% discount on any type of subscription (not Lifetime) if you sign up for it at once for a year. With such a wide range of subscriptions, everyone can choose what suits him best.

Hurry up to download our application and evaluate its convenience, we are looking forward to every new user!