How does Amazon Alexa work?

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The Amazon Alexa is one of the greatest inventions of modern technology, which acts as per the commands given to it in voice. It gets connected with your home Wi-Fi network and uses this connection for fulfilling the commandments. It recognizes your voice, and do as you say. It finds the music of your choice, provides weather updates, helps you to find what you search for, order products on Amazon etc. regardless of any other technological advancement, Alexa works following its system.

Although it looks like any other blue tooth speaker if you think it is just a blue tooth device, you have no brains! Because this cylindrical blue tooth device is smarter than any other method. It comes up with built-in omnidirectional speakers that are capable of playing music and other audio.  These days, many smartphones have voice commands for texting; however, the technology of Amazon Alexa beats off the science fiction that we have seen on Tv or Cinema.

Alexa is a damn smart hands-free device who can follow its master’s voice. You do not need to interact with any other device or stop between the commands when you use it. Even though we humans take time to cope with new commands or voices, Alexa copes up with the sound of its master within a blink of an eye. If you ask it for playing some “Michale Jackson,” it will stary playing popular songs of Michale Jackson without any delay. If you ask about the weather, it will calmly and softly let you know how the weather is or whether it will rain today or not.

How does it work?

  • Amazon Alexa works with voice recognition technology. It uses speech recognition technology to complete the tasks given by the user. Due to this service, it is also known as built-in brains.
  • This is not all. This smart device has shown its mastery on the internet as well. It searches over the internet using the cloud-computing service of Amazon and finds out the result as soon as possible after it gets a voice command. 
  • The service of Alexa processing the recording of its master is known as Alexa Voice Services (AVS), which is run by Amazon. This service works for converting the voice, which is recorded into commands which it can interpret.
  • It is a programmable service that collaborates with other online services and results in some extraordinary outcomes.