How Does HEOS Work?

The HEOS system appeared on the world market in August 2014 and became the brainchild of the world-famous Denon company. This company has been positioning itself as a reliable supplier of audio equipment for more than a hundred years. HEOS has become instantly popular. Software and technical updates of the system are carried out regularly. This system has great potential and is appreciated by true lovers of high-quality music, who are ready to make certain efforts to get the desired comfort.

In principle, we are talking about streaming music from one or more sources over the network to one or more rooms and using HEOS speakers, an existing stereo system or AV receiver. It is managed centrally through the HEOS application (iOS/Android/Fire OS). First of all, three different types of sources of broadcast music content can be distinguished: the first category includes supported online streaming providers Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Napster and Soundcloud, as well as Internet radio.

The second source will be locally stored music files, which, of course, can also be integrated into the HEOS system. They can be located on a smartphone or tablet, on a USB drive or computer, in NAS (network storage) or on a special music server – all you need to do is ensure format compatibility.

The third source will be Bluetooth wireless. In addition, you can also send signals from a CD player, TV or record player to the HEOS network and distribute them to connected playback systems.

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The HEOS application is intelligently programmed and offers informational texts. Individual speakers or groups can be found below rooms that can be dragged. If you want to create a group, you drag one speaker to another. It’s nice intuitive. Services that include Deezer, Napster, Soundcloud and Tidal can be found in the Music section. But also here you can find AUX or USB input, music server or device (iPhone) used. The last section shows the current playback settings. In addition to the current title and regular controls, you can also find a common playlist (top right). Good: the currently used device (for example, iPhone) offers the search function.

The integration of music streaming services in the system is well solved. Since speakers play FLAC files, and the high-resolution music service Tidal is also supported. Radio stations can be easily found and reproduced by setting. Unfortunately, Spotify is available only in the Connect version and then if there is a paid subscription. Therefore, the Spotify application for playing tracks on speakers will be a pleasant addition to the main functionality. In the HEOS application, Spotify tracks appear in the playback section.

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