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How Does Hulu Parental Control Work?

The American streaming video service Hulu offers its users a huge amount of video content. The service’s media library contains various products: films, series and products of its own production.

Not all parents who use this service want their children to have access to all video content that is broadcast by this service. In this case, a parental control function is provided that restricts the access of the younger generation to adult video content. But how does this option work and is it effective enough?

When you create a new account, Hulu will also ask you for the new user’s date of birth to match the age of the suggested movies and TV shows. For users aged 0-12, Hulu requires a new profile to be created as a child. A “regular” profile is possible from the age of 13.

However, the test shows that Hulu in no way adapts the content to the age of the user. The 13 year old has access to all movies and series. For example, a child sets a search query for a movie, and the service gives him almost all the options without restrictions.

In this regard, Hulu has a lot of complaints from adult users. They reproach the video hosting administration for the insufficient efficiency of the parental control function, which does not guarantee that children will not watch adult films.

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To help kids view the Disney+ offering safely, streaming service profiles can be password protected. In addition, users can specify which FSK claims should be displayed for each profile.

It is especially problematic to use this feature outside of the United States or Japan, where Hulu operates officially. Yes, so far these are only two countries in the world. Users from other countries can subscribe to the services of this video service, but for this they will have to use the VPN service.

Hulu offers you streams in SD, 720p and 1080p quality, here the resolution depends on the one hand on the selected content and on the other hand on your internet connection. Various videos are also available in 4K, but that’s mostly on Hulu Originals at the moment. Also, this permission is only available to you if you’re using a current Apple TV, Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, or Chromecast Ultra.

While the picture quality is convincing, the sound is disappointing. Basically Hulu offers 2.0 surround sound, only some titles have 5.1 track. To use this audio option, you need to stream Hulu from a compatible Smart TV, Fire Stick 4K, or current game console. This is a far cry from streaming services like Disney+ that already offer Dolby Atmos.

The only “easy” way to get Hulu in another country is to use a desktop PC. But you also need a working DNS or VPN service. Since the smartphone app is not available for download outside of the United States and Japan, Hulu only gains access to your iPhone or Android device in a roundabout way.

Forecasts regarding the geographical expansion of the streaming video service in the near future are quite optimistic. Therefore, already in the near future, Hulu is expected in European countries.

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