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How does Spotify calculate blend percentage?

Spotify is a great music streaming service that offers people access to a wide variety of wonderful music. It has been used by 172 million customers and this application considers to be the most popular music platform in the world.

How does Spotify calculate blend percentage?

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However, Spotify isn’t only about music. It is about cool features and leading-edge technologies. In summer, this service launched a new feature called blend playlist. Haven’t heard about it? We will tell you some words about it.

The blend is an interesting unusual option that allows two users to create their common shared playlists. Great feature, isn’t it? It gives total access to your friend’s playlists and shows what songs your friend listens to.

However, it is really hard to say how the blend works. Some people have even never thought about it, while others still can’t find the answer to the question: “How does Spotify calculate blend percentage?

They asked Google several times. Nonetheless, even this action can’t give a clear answer.

The only source which can answer this question is Spotify Community. It is a special space where all Spotify’s users can ask questions concerning the Spotify platform.

We walked on this platform and found the answer. However, how we were surprised when we saw such a response from Spotify’s Community moderator. He wrote that Spotify couldn’t tell its users about the process of blend creation as it’s a proprietary technology.

The only thing Spotify insiders can open for their customers is that a blend is an option that tries to generate a playlist that will match both users’ tastes to the best degree.

We understand Spotify’s confidentiality, as they created a feature that can be interesting for their competitors.

Just look at the Apple platform. They have just launched Apple Share Play. However, Spotify blend playlists have already become so popular among users that we are not sure that Apple will get the same popularity. 

Popularity is such a weird thing. You never know whether it happens or not.

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Nonetheless, some platforms like MusConv will be always popular. It is a special service that has already helped thousands of people to transfer their favorite music content between streaming platforms. It has become a favorite between all users and nothing will change it.