How Does Spotify Connect Work?

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services. With Spotify, you can easily access millions of songs, podcasts, and more on your PC or as an app on your smartphone or tablet. Swedish music streaming service Spotify Connect also offers you the ability to play your favorite music with the best sound quality right on your smart speakers.

Spotify Connect is an optional Spotify feature that transfers your music directly to the speaker or music system. Your smartphone or tablet acts only as a kind of remote control and, together with the Spotify application, provides a connection to the Spotify server.

Unlike Bluetooth streaming, Spotify Connect has two main advantages: On the one hand, your music is transferred directly from the server to the appropriate target device. Your smartphone only connects to the server. This means that music is not transmitted through your smartphone and thus saves battery power.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi streaming provides better audio quality than others. Spotify Connect broadcasts your music at 320 kbit/s. Also a very convenient feature – even when you are called, you can continue to listen to music without interrupting the conversation.

For Spotify Connect to work, you need, with one exception, a paid premium account. In addition, the device on which Spotify will stream, of course, should be on the same Wi-Fi network as the corresponding smartphone or tablet. Communication and control is carried out through the Spotify application. In addition, your smart speaker must support Connect.

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Make sure you always use the latest version of the application for uninterrupted operation. When you open Spotify, you will be automatically shown the available devices. Now click on the Available Devices symbol and you will find Spotify Connect compatible devices by the appropriate symbol. Now just click on the right device and your music will play on the right smart speaker. If you have multiple Spotify Connect devices, a circle appears around the symbol.

It is important that almost all popular voice assistants work together with the music streaming service. However, to do this, you must first link your Spotify account to the appropriate platform.

Spotify Connect now has partnerships with 80 vendors for more than 300 different devices. The Spotify Connect feature was an effective innovation that provided the Swedish green music streaming giant with many competitive advantages.

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