How Does Spotify Determine My Current Address?

One of the most popular Spotify tariffs is the Family tariff. It allows you to significantly save on a paid subscription by creating up to six offline accounts at the same time. But there is one condition, which is that all subscribers under the same family plan must live together. And, according to statistics, every second paid subscriber of the popular Swedish streaming service has a family subscription. Of course, such statistics are questionable among the representatives of the streaming service, which is why it was announced that members of the family plan will be checked by actually determining their location.

This innovation is an obvious attempt by Spotify to crack down on groups of friends who are trying to save money when using the service. The Spotify website states that the family subscription is available to the user and a maximum of five people who live with him at the same address. But some subscribers do not agree with this. According to them, cohabitation is not a prerequisite for a family.

Users are concerned that the music streaming service requires GPS data. When clicking on a link in an email, the subscriber is taken to a page with the message “Spotify will only use your GPS data for location verification.” On the page, the company explains why it needs this information, but that doesn’t help users feel less hostile about Spotify’s new policy. For a family plan, six users will have to pay only $14.4.

At the same time, a monthly subscription will cost one person $9.99. Previously, Spotify did little to check a user’s marital status. This made it easier to buy a tariff for friends who live in completely different places.

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Of course, there is nothing surprising in the fact that such an innovation was negatively perceived by users who have a family-type subscription. So far, there are no particularly furious comments on the network about the fact that the service administrators are disconnecting subscribers who could not confirm that they live together. But such facts have already been, since questions about the reasons for the shutdown have already been asked by many users.

You can, of course, play a little bit with the VPN and choose the desired location. But this is not always possible, and it will take some time and effort. As a rule, it is easier to switch to an individual subscription or to refuse Spotify services altogether. Switching to the free version seems to be the least tragic scenario, but a music lover who is already accustomed to the benefits of a paid subscription will have a hard time accepting the limitations of the free version.

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