How Does Spotify For Artists Help?

In the past few years, the global music industry has been in crisis. The restrictions associated with the pandemic, bans on holding mass events hit her hard. But the artists didn’t lose heart, they just went online. Now more than 80% of all the profits that the music business generates come from music streaming services.

Spotify has been at the top of the list of streaming platforms for many years, where artists can post their tracks and earn money in this way. The service pays them royalties, which directly depend on the number of listens to a particular track and on many other factors. The royalty figure is not static, it largely depends not only on the total number of streaming streaming plays, but also on its net profit, as well as on the percentage of net profit that streaming owners pay to artists. The percentage is also not static. It is determined at the periodic meetings of the founders and depends on the amount of profit of the service for a given period.

For people in the music industry, Spotify for Artists is a platform where all signers are gathered in one place. If, by agreement with the administration, the artist has administrator or editorial access to the page, then he can change photos, update biographies and track listening statistics.

Spotify verifies program members. A blue checkmark appears next to the account name in search results and on the profile. With this badge, Spotify authenticates the accounts of public figures, celebrities or international brands.

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Spotify clarifies: a place in the editorial playlists cannot be bought, all songs get there through the general selection. In the desktop version of Spotify for Artists, you need to describe your music in detail through a special form, filling in all the necessary tags: genre, mood, language, location. In a special field, you can tell a story related to a new track, explain why you need to pay attention to it. The more detailed you place tags when pitching, the easier it will be for editors and service algorithms to determine which playlist to add your music to. Spotify music editors are in touch with each other. It often happens that a local artist’s track gets into an international playlist.

Regardless of the level of the artist, it is necessary to pitch the tracks in advance. Spotify recommends applying two weeks before release. The platform will not help you understand the algorithms of the service, but its tools will allow musicians and their partners to track statistics on releases in real time, study their audience, grow their business, communicate with fans and promote their creativity.

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