How Does Spotify Know What The User Likes?

Spotify is a free application that lets you play your favorite music from the service of the same name. At its level, we can play music collections on a computer, including millions of songs from more and less popular artists.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of Spotify is the amount of music content available to the user and the simple and intuitive use of the app itself. With it, you can play any song at any time, as well as listen to web broadcasters playing music in our chosen genre. The user has a built-in search engine, playlist functions and a mechanism for managing the music collection on the local computer disk.

How Does Spotify Know What The User Likes

Spotify lets you recommend your favorite songs to your friends. Moreover, at the application level, we can create our own Internet radio and listen to music from our friends’ collections. There was also a mechanism for commenting songs, creating play queues, or accessing artist biographies.

Thanks to its huge database of tracks, the app will easily display the title, lyrics, videos, and even information about the author and associated tracks.

You can also offer other people a choice and use the most popular songs and listen to complex tunes through the famous streaming service Spotify. In addition, intelligent algorithms allow the most accurate selection of the music that the user liked.

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It is the Swedish music streaming service Spotify that exemplifies how clear and straightforward music recommendations can be for users. The music recommendation algorithm is based on the history of the music compositions listened to by the user. So far, this is the only thing that is known to the general public. Since the service, of course, hides its proprietary secrets and, accordingly, does not make them public.

The service also takes into account the directions and genres of music, recommendations of the user’s friends, and so on. It is sometimes shocking to users how accurately the algorithms of a given music streaming service determine its musical tastes. It seems to them that they are dealing not only with artificial intelligence, but with a real friend who has known them for many years and is well aware of their musical preferences.

A successfully created system for determining the musical preferences of listeners is undoubtedly one of the main competitive advantages of this streaming music service. It’s not for nothing that he is considered the world leader in the streaming music market today.

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