How does Spotify pay you?

Spotify provides truly outstanding service to hundreds of millions of fans. However, there’s more to it than making users happy. Despite a Free Plan, Spotify still manages to pay artists based on how many times their songs were listened to, with payment rates of dollar for a total of 229 streams.

This isn’t bad considering there are over 280 000 000 happy users and an average user listens to over 41 unique artists a week. That works out at $3-4 per thousand streams, which means reasonably good income considering there are millions of tracks being listened to every day. 

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Also, Spotify doesn’t actually sell its users the music but rents it. If they want to buy music, they pay for albums. This means that artists’ streams of income will continue to bring more revenue as time goes on. 

You can find more answers on how Spotify pays the artists in the following video

Make sure to thoroughly inspect the Terms and Conditions if you’re about to affiliate yourself with Spotify as an artist, and as a user respect artists’ work and buy albums if you want to show your gratitude to those who made the experience possible.  

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