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How Does Tidal Find A Song By Humming?

It often happens that we hear a tune we like on the radio or television, or someone hums something interesting. How, then, can you find the answer to the question of what kind of song it is? It is not so difficult. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet to be able to quickly find all the information about a song we hear.

Listening to music is made easier thanks to, among other things, streaming services such as Tidal. This service is distinguished by new innovative solutions. Therefore, you can find your favorite music on this streaming service.

The TIDAL app had the ability to recognize the music currently playing in the background. Following the lead of Shazam and Soundhound, the program recognized the audio file using the snippet captured by the smartphone’s microphone, and then presented us with the entire song on the plate for listening with one click. A bomb for me. One of the options that sets TIDAL apart from the competition. Unfortunately, something went wrong and this feature has been temporarily removed.

The sound recognition scripts weren’t as good as Shazam and Soundcloud, but they still worked. It could be assumed that with subsequent updates it will get better and better. Nothing like this. For some reason, the sound recognition mechanism has been removed from the program.

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The additional option is said to return in a vastly improved form. Instead of a separate audio recognition app, all you have to do is launch the music player. Thanks to this, we not only recognize the subject of interest to us, but also receive it right now. To be heard immediately or added to listening later.

But recently, TIDAL launched a new feature that gives subscribers access to texts right in the app. To display these features, simply click the Lyrics icon in the Song Browser. As the song plays, the app will display its lines. The update is now available to both people using the website through a browser and those using the app on devices with Android and iOS software. The new feature is available through a partnership with musixmatch. Once set up is complete, the home page will display recommendations, including a welcome mix with music from selected artists and inspiration for new musical discoveries.

According to the owners of Tidal, its fundamental difference from other streaming services is the fact that it is owned not by corporations or businessmen, but by the musicians themselves. Among the owners of Tidal, representatives of the company name Beyoncé, Alisha Keys, DJ Deadmau5, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Daft Punk, Rihanna, Kanye West, Jay-Z and other artists.

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