How Does Tidal Pay Artists?

Tidal is one of the most powerful and popular music streaming services in the world today. It was created in Norway, but subsequently acquired by the famous American rapper and part-time billionaire Jay-Z, the singer Beyoncé, as well as a dozen other well-known artists. As a result, Tidal has become the only music streaming service in the world that is owned by artists.

Tidal has a massive library of over 80 million songs and over 250,000 videos. Tidal has always been committed to righting the wrongs of the music industry and ensuring that artists are paid directly and in full for their art. And Tidal does it pretty well. The service provides unprecedented direct support for artists by its subscribers. It promises to deliver 10 percent of the monthly HiFi Plus subscription to the artist with the most streams. In addition, Tidal HiFi subscribers can see how their combined streams add up to the artist’s income. This information will be displayed every time in the activity feed of a particular subscriber.

Tidal plays streaming music in FLAC format with spatial effects and focuses on fair pay for artists. When a music lover is ready to purchase truly high-quality audio equipment and listen to TIDAL music through it, they are getting the most out of this music streaming service.

The service does not provide general statistical information on the amount of payments to artists, unlike its competitor Spotify. But at the same time, it is Tidal that pays musicians several times more than the Swedish green giant. This attitude towards artists is quite understandable, because the service itself belongs to them. And who, if not the artists themselves, can know to the smallest detail all the nuances of the music industry, the hobbies of listeners and the needs of artists?!

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Tidal pays a lot, so it’s growing at a fast pace. In addition, in the context of a worldwide pandemic and related restrictions, more than four-fifths of the entire music industry’s profits are generated by music streaming services. Therefore, the income of almost any artist who closely interacts with the music industry directly depends on the payments of streaming platforms. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that artists are busy looking for the most suitable way of earning for them. And Tidal is helping them a lot.

In addition to all of the above, since the founder artists themselves are directly involved in the marketing strategy and development of the streaming platform, they are most interested in getting as much profit from the service as possible. And they are well aware of the fact that not only their colleagues around the world have suffered as a result of the pandemic and require support, but the prosperity of the streaming service itself depends on the interest of the artists themselves around the world.

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