How Expensive Is Cubase?

Today, computer technologies are more and more included in the most diverse spheres of human activity. So, for professional musicians and for those who, perhaps, would like to create their own musical work, there is the Cubase program. This software application has long won credibility among the music industry, for whom writing and editing music has become either a hobby or a lifelong affair.

The creator of this product, Steinberg, today has become one of the leaders in the global music market, having developed several very successful versions of this software. The utility has all the necessary tools for digital sound processing and is capable of recording, editing and mixing MIDI files, as well as has a full set of effects in the VST3 format. In addition, the program works with multichannel sound, fully integrates with sound MIDI equipment, has a 32-bit sound engine with a floating point function, the product includes a sound manager (SoundFrame) and many other functions.

How Expensive Is Cubase

But many people in the music industry are concerned about the price of this popular app. After all, everyone knows that you can use Cubase only by subscription, and its cost is quite high. Somewhere this statement is close to the truth.

Cubase subscriptions start at $121.38 for the simplest version. The owners of the software did not make their users happy with the free version. Therefore, they have to buy software. The free version is of course also available. It is valid for 30 days from the date of subscription. If you wait and follow the company’s news carefully, you can take advantage of promotions or a loyalty program, so you can save money and pay a lower price.

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The program is fully updated annually, but only once during a calendar year. Each version has its own price. The average software cost is $580. The most advanced version of the software will cost a little over $1,000 a year.

I myself am the cheapest version of the program – Cubase SE will cost 99.95. But this is the social price of the product. This version can be purchased by students, educational institutions or, for example, religious organizations, but only subject to the provision of documents confirming this status.

By the way, statistics show that almost half of the users are the owners of hacked copies of this program, which is popular among musicians. In this case, it is worth recalling that the use of pirated versions of the product can bring legal troubles.

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