How Good Is DJUCED?

In fact, DJUCED is another DJ platform available for both MAC and PC. In addition to standard features such as a block interface, a full list of effects, loops, beatjump and samplers, the application allows you to synchronize up to four working decks and simultaneously use the SLIP and QUANTIZE modes.

DJUCED is also integrated with Beatport, giving the user access to over 9 million tracks, as well as curated label and artist playlists. This way you can create your own playlist.

Also, with the help of this program, you can save and share sets on MixCloud and SoundCloud in a couple of clicks. DJUCED has been translated into 14 languages ​​and is completely free to use on computers and laptops. The full potential of the program is revealed when used in conjunction with a supported DJ controller.

The latest version of their famous program is another confirmation of this. This is definitely a difficult thing to learn (especially for a beginner), but the fact that it, with the proper skill, allows you to create is definitely worth the time spent.

With it, you can not only create mixes, remixes, but also write your own tracks from scratch, as well as plan live performances, cut samples, create soundscapes, do sound design and much, much more.

The layout of the software is very traditional, so you won’t get lost. At the top there is a mixing area with controls, at the bottom – playlist and library controls.

This is a relatively new mixing software that allows you to play digital music collections using software and hardware controllers. The program allows you to mix audio, video and even karaoke files.

It should also be added that today the program can be used in the main 14 languages ​​of the world, which makes it much more accessible and in demand in almost all regions of the world.

There are several versions of the program:

  1. The “Home” version has all the necessary functionality for beginners and is perfect for both training and small house parties.
  2. The “Basic” version is more functional than the “Home” version, it includes 4 player mode, 4 playlist mode, 16-channel sample player, smart groups and additional widgets.

Someone may be suspicious of this program, because it is completely free in its basic version, but as soon as you download it for yourself, you will surely understand how convenient and versatile it is. To tell you the truth, there are many reasons why DJUCED is considered one of the best DJ software available today.

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Firstly, it can be used on both MAC and PC and Linux. The available functionality works perfectly and is able to produce excellent results in the club. The software, among other things, is able to work with four decks, create chains of effects, has RGB sound waves, and also determine the tonic of the composition.

DJUCED is also ideal for those who want to DJ out and about on the go. The program has a decent user interface and compatibility with third-party devices.

And although this application has many advantages, the main of which is the absence of fees for its use, it is important to understand that it does not have user support. In order not to run into difficulties when switching to DJUCED, it is recommended that you carefully test the version with which you are going to work beforehand.

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