How Good Is YouTube Music?

YouTube Music has replaced the music streaming app Google Play Music, which was discontinued by Google’s design. The calculation turned out to be correct and today YouTube Music is among the leaders in the global music market.

What can YouTube Music do? In this app, you can enjoy music as videos just like regular YouTube content, and if you are registered as a paying member, you can also watch videos and music offline. In addition, you can continue to listen to music even when you return to the main screen, so you can enjoy seamless switching between them.

You can search not only for the title of a song or artist, but also for a word in one part of the text or a combination of words. YouTube Music not only creates playlists of songs that suit the user’s tastes, but also recommends musicians and songs that can suit the user’s taste.

In addition, create your own playlists with different content depending on the time and place. For example, when you’re at work, you’ll have a playlist of songs to help you focus, and in the morning, you’ll have a playlist of songs that are perfect for a refreshing wake-up call when you’re at home on the weekend. The service will independently prepare a playlist with songs to which you can relax with the whole family, and so on.

With YouTube Music, it is currently only possible to display lyrics for the Android version app. The service also supports CarPlay to enjoy more YouTube Music in the car. This allows you to seamlessly enjoy music while driving or leaving the office.

With YouTube Music, you can easily add your own music collection to your library. This allows free users who do not subscribe to YouTube Music Premium to download and play music.

With YouTube Music, even free members can freely choose their favorite songs, shuffle and repeat playback, but promotional video ads may appear randomly.

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If you want to watch or listen to new music and videos from your favorite artist as soon as possible, we recommend that you subscribe to your favorite artist’s channel. Check out the latest information on new music by artists, music videos and tours. After subscribing to a channel, new published videos will appear in the feed of the channels you are subscribed to.

The music library of the streaming service is divided into playlists, playlists you create, favorite playlists, albums, top rated songs and artists. Here you can store and recall artists and songs you like, playlists you’ve created, and more, so you can easily find the songs you listen to often.

You can also collect your favorite songs, create a YouTube Music playlist and enjoy it. YouTube Music has an AI-powered system that analyzes the music a user has watched and provides the music that suits you. The system works on the basis of already listened to music content and on the basis of predicting those songs that the user will like with a high degree of probability.

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