How I can go to my playlist?

Today, almost all music streaming services have provided for the function of creating playlists. The playlist can be created by the service itself on the basis of musical recommendations or simply by selecting tracks of a certain genre, performer, language, and so on. It can be created independently by periodically or simultaneously adding your favorite musical compositions.

Typically, playlists are stored in the My Library section. A section on different streaming services may have different names, but its essence will be the same – storing musical compositions. These can be individual songs or playlists.

How I can go to my playlist

By creating his own playlist, the user of the music streaming service will be able to always listen to his favorite music, without looking for and selecting individual tracks.

But playlists on the vast majority of music streaming services can only be listened to online. If the user listens to streaming music within the free version, then the set of functions in this case is usually limited. Cut functionality has all free versions of streaming music services. But not every one of them provides for the possibility of free use in principle.

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For example, some services (Spotify, Deezer) have a free version. And some, for example, Apple Music do not have a free version at all. And you can use them only by paid subscription. But those services that are distributed only by paid subscription can provide a period (usually from a month to three) of free use as part of a trial version of the application.

So, you can download the playlist and listen to it offline by signing up for a paid subscription. In this case, music in playlists will always be with you – on a trip, on the way to work and home, in a car or, for example, on the beach.

You can listen to the downloaded playlist in most streaming music services on almost any gadget.

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