How I Can Make A Song Into Karaoke?

Karaoke was enjoyed by the whole world and has long been a part of the culture. But few people know that he is already more than 40 years old and was invented by the drummer of the Japanese rock group Daisuke Inoue.

This hobby has become a part of our active holiday. Someone goes to clubs, and someone sings at home in front of the TV (having a special system or set-top box) or sitting in headphones at the computer. And now, for fans of singing at home, the question often arises of creating their own collection of their favorite songs. The vastness of the Internet is filled with a lot of content, but it is not always possible to find your favorite melody, and even in a suitable format.

The melody of a song without words (backing track) is the first necessary component. There are a huge number of Internet resources with backing tracks, where you can download them for free or purchase (this applies to professional recordings).

The lyrics of the song are the second component. Also on the Internet there are many sites with original texts of your favorite songs. But you are unlikely to find an absolutely complete list of songwriting for all occasions. It so happens that your favorite song is not on the karaoke list. It’s easy to fix and create this title track yourself. There are many programs for separating music and words, among which are the free Karaoke Anything utility, as well as paid programs: Adobe Audition, FL Studio, Sony ACID Pro, Adobe Soundbooth, and Sound Forge Pro. There are also online services that offer free creation of backing tracks, for example, Acapella.

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Most of these programs are paid, and only Acapella is free to use. By the way, this program is used by many professional DJs. It is also suitable for ordinary music lovers who want to create their own karaoke songs.

With these programs, you can divide a song into vocals and arrangements. In such a simple way, you can create a collection of your favorite songs to perform. You can perform them by reading the text from the monitor screen or by connecting a TV, if there is such a technical possibility. If you want to perform songs using a karaoke player or system, then you need to record the necessary songs on a disc or other storage medium. For this we use the Karaoke Video Creator program.

Your right to choose from paid or free utilities, take an easier method or a professional version. The main thing is that you will be able to compose your own repertoire from the songs you like. Alternatively, you can simply purchase ready-made collections of popular songs.

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