How Is Future's New Album Doing?

Fans of the popular American rapper and producer Future were very happy when their idol announced the release of his new, already ninth studio album called “I Never Liked You”.

The official release date of the album was April 29, 2022, but the announcement was made by the author two weeks earlier. Fans of Future were very upset that the popular rapper did not release a single new album for two years. This is quite a long period, considering that before that Future albums were released almost every year.

The reason for such a creative stagnation could well be the pandemic and the related restrictions on holding concerts, and indeed the music industry went on long and unpaid leave, having suffered huge losses.

The new album was received very positively not only by the world’s leading music critics, but also by music streaming services. In addition to the fact that in the very first days after the release of the world the album received the first place in the Billboard 200 ratings, it became the leader in the ratings of the world’s leading streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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Such success could not but inspire the singer and his colleagues in the music department. The fact is that many of the 16 tracks of the new album were recorded in collaboration with Kanye West, Drake and some other popular representatives of the rap direction in music.

In the first week of its release alone, the new album has amassed nearly 274 million streams on music streaming services. Almost 220,000 copies of the album have been sold. And all these sales were provided by music streaming platforms. For comparison, in the same first week, the number of copies of the album sold on physical media amounted to only 6.5 thousand copies.

So far, there are no official statistics on the number of sales of “I Never Liked You” during the rest of the period. But feedback from the singer’s music fans suggests that the album continues to sell well, and statistics from music streaming services show that he continues to be among the leaders in the global music market.

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