How Is YouTube Music Different From YouTube Premium?

It may seem to many that both services, which have almost the same common name, are very similar to each other. And these people are not wrong. Indeed, YouTube Music is very similar to YouTube. But there are also many differences between them.

YouTube Music is a free application that collects licensed music content. You’ll find albums, live recordings, single songs, and music videos covering genres ranging from pop to rap. A rich offer will definitely appeal to a fairly wide audience of all ages.

YouTube Premium is a paid, and therefore an extended version of the “classic” YouTube. Unlike free viewing, it does not contain ads. In addition, it allows the user to listen to their favorite music while using other applications or when the phone screen is locked. In addition, you can download saved content and play it at any time, even without internet access (for example, on an airplane). In addition, the Audio Only mode lets you listen to music without having to play the music video. Thanks to this, you get complete freedom of action.

The Originals Library is a collection of original films and series. When you become a paid version of YouTube, you will be able to watch them without ads, and you will also have access to directors and content known only to YouTube Premium owners.

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It should also be noted that YouTube Premium gives users the chance to test experimental features the US giant is currently working on before those features become available to a wider audience. Thus, you have a real influence on the direction in which the site will develop further. The presented “bonus” is a real treat not only for music lovers, but also for enthusiasts of new technologies.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube Music is free in the basic version, but the premium version costs €9.99 per month. You have to pay €9.99 a month to access YouTube Premium and new users can use the trial period at no additional cost. The YouTube Premium price list also includes a so-called family subscription for 12.99 euros (which can be used by five people living in the same house at the same time, including children over 12 years old). Please note that you have the right to cancel your subscription at any time.

This begs the question of the differences and analogies that exist between YouTube Music and other streaming platforms that include music content, such as Tidal, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify, for example. All the mentioned websites work on similar principles. At the same time, the number of subscription options in the case of other services is somewhat higher.

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