How long do downloaded Spotify songs last?

Spotify offers outstanding opportunities for any music, podcast, or audiobook fan. Hundreds of millions of people are enjoying the Free Plan (and hundreds of millions more think Premium is worth investing in). 

It remains the world’s first and most popular music streaming service for a reason: the value created for the client here, if you were to use business terms, has ROI in millions of percent. 

That also includes the function of downloading music on any device (and also multiple devices). However, bear in mind that Spotify was invented to combat piracy, so when you’re downloading songs you’re not actually keeping music. You’re renting it. If you want to buy tracks you’ll need to pay for albums. 

With Spotify, if you download tracks you may find them disappearing. Why does that happen? Well, there are two possibilities here you can investigate. The good news is that both are fixable. See for yourself!

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Did your subscription end? 

If you’ve finished using Spotify Premium your downloaded tracks will be gone as the rental contract has come to an end. But you can always come back (for only $9.99). 

Did you disappear? 

The terms of the contract are such that if you go offline for more than 30 days your tracks will be undownloaded because Spotify will consider you AWOL. Bummer! Well, you know what to do.

Looking for more useful advice? Want to transfer tracks to/from Spotify? MusConv will always be here for you to help. If you’re stuck, more content will be added later that will likely include your issue, to make sure to keep checking the website regularly. Otherwise, there’s Spotify support, which is really helpful, and the community (look for an issue similar to yours in case it’s already been resolved on forums). Ciao! 

Can you buy songs from Spotify? 

Spotify’s service offers every feature you can possibly think of, and if it doesn’t you can be sure it’s being developed. However, bear in mind that this colossal service was created to battle piracy, so its policy is as follows: Spotify charges a small monthly subscription fee but doesn’t allow you to buy tracks. To do that, for artists to be properly compensated, you’d have to buy albums. 

Paying only $9.99 a month provides access to unlimited access to all the music you could possibly want plus tons more quality content and fantastically advanced features. Effectively, why would you want to buy music if you can rent it and get access anytime, any place? Spotify even allows you to download music and listen to it while you’re offline, so there’s basically no difference (unless you are very keen on rewarding artists for their work). 

So there you have it: Spotify doesn’t actually allow you to use music tracks outside of the system (except you can still put them on your iPod). If you want to buy music, Spotify offers lots of opportunities that are probably more tempting, but if purchasing songs is what you want, you can always go outside the system and purchase an album at a store.  

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