How Long Does It Take To Get On Spotify Editorial Playlists?

Today, music streaming services have become almost the only source of income for many people in the music industry. They generate about eighty percent of the industry’s total revenue. This is a colossal amount that cannot but influence the choice of artists towards work on music streaming platforms.

Spotify is not only leading the global streaming market. He has also long been a leader in artist sympathies. And this is not at all surprising, because it is the Swedish streaming service that can really develop the career of an aspiring musician and artist, it can elevate to the peak of popularity, it can give an artist an opportunity to earn a living.

The first thing an artist needs to do on Spotify is register and set up their account. The setup takes place through a special Spotify For Artists application, where you can not only upload your photo and music, enter a detailed description of the project, but also track statistics yourself. It is desirable to issue a profile in Spotify in as much detail as possible. The user’s path through your page should be simple, clear and complete. The user stops on your page for only a few seconds. And in this short period of time, he should be interested in your offer.

The artist first needs to fill out the official Spotify playlist submission form. The application form must be completed in as much detail as possible. The description of the project should arouse the interest of the curators of the streaming service. You need to understand that they are daily engaged in reviewing and evaluating a huge amount of new music, accepting or not accepting them in new editorial playlists.

Submitting your song to the curators of editorial playlists is desirable at least three weeks before the publication of the release. As a rule, this is the minimum period during which a new track is considered and possibly included in the editorial playlists of the streaming service. You can submit an application in a week, but this does not guarantee that it will be considered within such a short period.

The service does not give official recommendations on the timing. Artists are encouraged to apply early. And by this term everyone can understand what he wants.

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Only one track can be sent from one account. Be sure to enter all the metadata of the song, the more they are entered, the higher the chances of being in the editorial list of Spotify.

If you have already managed to mark up your song on the service earlier, then you will not be able to do it again. The service algorithms will determine this as a re-release.

The only general advice for submitting songs to curators of a streaming service for editorial playlists can be one thing – you should do everything in advance. Experience shows that this term in this case should be understood as three or four weeks.

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