How Long Does Recently Played Stay on Spotify?

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Suppose you are relaxing in your home’s backyard on a warm, sunny Sunday morning, listening to random music tracks on Spotify. Suddenly, you hear a song that is truly cool. However, it ends very soon and is replaced by other tracks in a row. What can you do? This is the case when the Spotify feature of Recently Played comes to help. 

You can access your Recently Played list on all the platforms nowadays. Choose the platform you are using right now, go to the Recently Played section, and listen to whatever you like. Or you can use Spotify’s Download Your Data or Stats for Spotify options. You can also download your listening history data from them or spot your recent tracks anytime.

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However, you may ask, “How long does Recently Played stay on Spotify?” It’s, on average, 33 days if you do not reset or renew your system. If you reload your Spotify, the data will be lost.

The characteristic features of Recently Played are the following:

  • you can store only 50 songs in the playlist;
  • the track won’t go to this section if you listen to it for less than 30 seconds;
  • Recently Played options for different platforms work independently, so if you use Android and then switch to the desktop, the tracks may be different even for the same Spotify account.

To see the playlist of the songs you have been listening to this month, log in to your Spotify account, click “Home” in the side menu, find the “Recently Played” section, and click the tab. You will see the most recent tracks first. Their number depends on the size of the screen. You can also click the “See All” button to look through everything you have been listening to within 30 days.

You can also access Spotify Recently Played from other places, such as “Queue” from the “Now Playing” bar on the desktop. Anyway, you have a chance to get and download your streaming history data onto your device.

If you want to access your Recently Played tracks, use Stats for Spotify. You will even see the exact time when you were playing the track on Spotify. You only need to keep in mind that Spotify tracks played when you were in your “Private Section” will not display on Stats for Spotify.

To access your Recently Played tracks from Stats for Spotify, click the “Login with Spotify” button for this section, tap “Agree” at the bottom of the page to continue, find Recently Played at the page at the top of the Stats, and get the list of all your tracks that you played more than 30 seconds in the previous month.

Choose the option you like most and enjoy your favorite music.

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