How Long Does Spotify Free Last

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. It offers several pricing plans from which the user can choose based on their preferences.

But the main advantage of the Swedish music streaming service is its completely free version. Today, there are more than 380 million active users of this platform in the world. Of these, about 155 million subscribed to services, but the rest of the users listen to streaming music completely free of charge. But how long can they not pay for it?

There is good news for those who want to listen to music without paying a cent for it. Free Swedish Spotify is made possible by a free service. Spotify offers its core services for free, giving the user access to over 70 million music tracks and podcasts. Their number is growing day by day and is approaching 75 million.

The free use of Spotify has many limitations. While a basic account costs nothing, when you use Spotify for free, your songs will be interspersed with ads. This can be very annoying and you need to think carefully before listening to certain songs. Spotify has a limited ability to skip tracks for free. You can skip a maximum of six tracks per listening hour.

 But these are far from the only limitations. Spotify free doesn’t allow you to download your favorite songs, and you can’t play songs from the playlist. The sound quality of free Spotify will definitely not satisfy music lovers. In this version, Spotify allows you to set the audio quality to automatic, which depends on the quality of your internet connection, low quality is around 24kbps, medium is around 96kbps, and high quality is around 160kbps.

The free version of the app is permanent. There is no need to renew it. But to use Spotify, you will have to create your own account, which will be required in both paid and free versions.

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To use Spotify services to the full extent, you need to purchase a premium subscription. You can also try Spotify Individual free of charge beforehand to make sure the app meets our requirements. In terms of music quality, in addition to the four main ones available in the free version, Spotify Individual guarantees a very high playback quality. This is equivalent to approximately 320 kbps. The playback quality of a podcast on any device is about 96 kbps, and in the case of an Internet player, it is about 128 kbps.

Spotify has not forgotten about large families in its offer. There are up to six accounts available on the Spotify Family plan. The principle of use is similar to Spotify Duo – the family tariff is focused on people living at the same address.

Spotify Family offers ad-free, offline and on-demand music, but a Family Mix option is also included. This is a playlist for the whole family with regularly updated music that all users enjoy. In addition, the Spotify Family Plan has a feature to block obscene content.

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