How Long Is A Good Playlist?

When you decide to create your own playlists and distribute them using the music streaming service you are a user of, you will run into the problem of the ideal playlist length.

It would seem that this question is about a trifle, but you should immediately relax. To create a good playlist, it must take into account many nuances, each of which is very important.

And one of these nuances can be safely considered the length of the playlist. How long should it sound?

In fact, the length of the playlist is a matter of taste and inspiration. But even here it is not so simple. If you create an appropriate music selection only for yourself, then the duration of the sound of your creation does not matter much to you.

 How Long Is A Good Playlist

But with those playlists that are focused on other users and are public, everything is much more complicated. Music streaming experts say that the ideal playlist should be between one and a half and two and a half hours long. It is this duration that is quite realistic to justify, since, for example, running training can last about an hour and a half, and a friendly party can last two and a half hours.

A playlist with a duration of one and a half to two and a half hours includes from 20 to 35 songs. Naturally, each song has a different playing time, so these figures are very approximate.

But these are only average data. There are thematic playlists, the duration of which does not fit into the average. Recall that the ideal amount simply does not exist.

The average playing time, for example, of a Spotify playlist is from one to two hours. But the Swedish music streaming service also has playlists with over 50 and even 150 songs. And it works, such playlists are popular and in demand. Incidentally, the record for the longest Spotify playlist is held by Willis Orr, which contains around 10,000 songs (Spotify’s maximum playlist limit) and over 800 hours of music.

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On average, calculate that about 20 medium-length tracks are played per hour. This means that for a friendly party that will supposedly last at least four hours, you will need to create a playlist of 80-100 songs. After all, you must admit that it will not be very convenient when in the middle of a party you have to search for and install new music. It is better to have everything ready in advance. It’s better to have a reserve of tracks just in case. If the friendly party drags on.

In the same way, you can calculate the duration of the music selection for training. You know that during a morning or evening run you will need about one hour. Therefore, a playlist with dynamic and motivating music should last the same amount of time.

If you drive a long car to work and home from work, then you know the approximate time of your trip. Accordingly, you can make a playlist of the same duration. By the way, before starting work, motivating music never hurts.

Keep in mind that the average song is 3 minutes 30 seconds long. This is exactly what happens on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. By the way, today the average song sounds half a minute shorter than just five years ago.

Thus, to create a playlist with a duration of just over an hour, you will need to add at least 20 songs to it.

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