How long is the Qobuz app free trial?

The modern music industry has tons of content to offer you. There are a lot of high-quality songs and compositions, and listeners have become more selective. People are trying to find their favorite tracks with good sound quality. They value clarity of sound and good bass.

How long is the Qobuz app free trial?

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Nowadays, you probably already know a lot about the existence of various streaming services. Of course, these special platforms are aimed mainly at streaming music in a lossy format. This is, of course, a good option for people who are not obsessed with quality and don’t see the sense in overpaying for it. However, it is useful to find out which streaming service an audiophile should pay attention to.

So, Qobuz is an interesting French streaming platform that is now very specifically oriented on real audiophiles. The platform offers high-resolution music in quality up to 24bit / 192kHz. At the moment, this is the highest quality on the market. It is likely that this streaming application could take the market share away from Tidal.

The fact is that Tidal uses the controversial MQA format. Many listeners said that they could see no difference between the sound of this and other formats. However, service Qobuz uses the FLAC container. The quality of this format is really excellent. Therefore, Qobuz is probably the best audiophile service available today.

But, besides excellent-sounding tracks, the service is ready to offer its users the following advantages.

  1. Intuitive interface. Many users have noted that the experience of using Qobuz is much easier and better. There are no superfluous functions, everything is as simple and minimalistic as possible.
  2. Music catalog. The service offers you more than 70 million tracks. Of course, you may think that this is not so much. However, it’s not really about quantity – it’s about quality. Most of the tracks are hi-res versions.
  3. There is an option to buy audio content. This feature is ideal for those fans who want to get high-quality tracks for their personal collection. It has the advantage that even without a subscription, you will still have purchases from this service.

Qobuz offers all of the above benefits for a relatively small fee:

  • Studio Premier plan -$14.99 per month ($149.99 per year). It gives you access to the highest-quality sound.
  • Sublime + account – $24.99/month ($249.99/year). Besides high-quality content, customers will get good discounts on the purchases of tracks or albums.

Of course, some people aren’t ready to pay money for a subscription right away. That’s why it is possible to start with a free trial period. However, how long is the Qobuz app free trial? Will new users have enough time to find out if they need a subscription?

The platform offers a one-month trial period. Whether this is a lot or a little is up to every customer to decide. But, generally, this is enough to understand all the pros and cons.

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