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How Long Is YouTube Premium Free Trial?

In the vast realm of online streaming, YouTube Premium often stands quietly in the shadows, offering a trove of features that can revolutionize your daily video consumption. Launched in 2014, it has gone through a few name changes, but its essence remains intact, adding a dash of exclusivity to your YouTube experience. If you find yourself torn between embracing its $12 monthly subscription or sticking to the free version, fret not – a YouTube Premium free trial may be your ticket to deciding.

Is There a YouTube Premium Free Trial?

Absolutely. Google generously extends a one-month YouTube Premium free trial to new customers, allowing them a month-long rendezvous with the premium features before the payment carousel begins. It’s a gesture of goodwill in the often-labyrinthine world of streaming platforms, where trial offerings can be as elusive as a comet.

However, nothing comes completely free in this digital age. To initiate your trial, you must furnish your payment information, be it credit card or PayPal. But fear not, seven days before your trial concludes, a friendly reminder will knock on your virtual door. If you decide to cancel, no harm done; if not, the $12 monthly subscription awaits.

Pro tip: If you were a previous YouTube Premium subscriber but have been away for more than six months, rejoice! You’re eligible for the trial, but remember, it’s a one-time deal within a 12-month period.

Can You Get YouTube Premium for Free?

While the YouTube Premium free trial is your golden ticket, opportunities for total freeloading are scarce. Third-party retailers or service providers might, at times, toss in a few free months with a purchase or service sign-up, but currently, such benevolence is not extended to YouTube Premium. So, embrace the one-month trial – it’s a robust offering, and it might just be all you need to decide if you want to dive into the realm of uninterrupted ad-free streaming.

Are There Any YouTube Premium Deals?

If you’re sold on the YouTube Premium experience after the trial, fret not about breaking the bank. While standalone discounts are as rare as a blue moon, an annual plan could be your saving grace. Instead of shelling out $12 every month, opt for the annual plan – a flat $120 upfront. Simple math, but it puts $24 back in your pocket over the year.

For the savvy students among us, YouTube Premium has a student plan at a discounted rate of $7 per month. No annual plan here, but it’s still a budget-friendly $84 per year. Just be ready to verify your student status annually to keep those savings rolling.

In the grand scheme of streaming subscriptions, these deals might not be a pot of gold, but every penny saved is a win.

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Start Free Trial: Go for the YouTube Premium Experience

As the old adage goes, “the proof is in the pudding.” The YouTube Premium free trial is your pudding. So, if you’re dancing on the edge, contemplating the leap into premium bliss, hit that “Start Free Trial” button. It’s not just a test; it’s your backstage pass to ad-free videos, offline viewing, and the sweet symphony of YouTube Music.

Remember, the trial is a fleeting 30 days, but its impact on your viewing habits might just be everlasting.

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