How long will Spotify wait for payment?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify can be obtained absolutely free of charge, since it has a free version on an ongoing basis. Spotify Free gives users free access to a multimillion-dollar library of music tracks and the main functionality of the service. But the possibilities of the free version are still significantly reduced – advertising is boring, you can not download music to listen offline, etc.

сколько прослушиваний на Spotify

Spotify Premium – paid version. It will allow you to not only listen to music tracks in high quality without advertising, but also create your own playlists in order to subsequently listen to offline music.

First, you should decide on the most convenient option for the future subscriber of the tariff plan. Spotify service offers several options.

There are several ways to pay for Spotify when you subscribe to a premium account. You can use bank cards, the main thing is that they belong to one of the international payment systems – Visa or MasterCard. You can also pay for your subscription with electronic money. Spotify itself is definitely safe. It would be nice to check the fraud policy used by the subscriber’s bank.

For payment, any gadget is suitable – a smartphone, PC, laptop, netbook or tablet.

New users will be able to use the Premium tariff subscription at first for free, but after a month the trial free version becomes irrelevant, and you can use it only once.

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The subscriber can check or update his payment information on the page of his account in the section «Your tariff».

To be precise, the free trial is not valid for a whole calendar month, but only 30 days from the moment the service begins to be used as part of a Premium subscription. The date of the start of the paid subscription is considered the date of its execution. Therefore, it should not be confused. The subscriber fee will be deducted from the specified account automatically every month or the subscriber will have to independently deposit funds into the subscriber account.

You can cancel a paid subscription at any time.

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