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How loud should my beat be?

If you do not have practical experience in recording, you should first master the main skills in this difficult field. Recording equipment is often very complex, it is not easy to understand it, and the recording process itself may seem like a kind of sacrament, accessible only to dedicated ones.

should my beat be

It’s not really that hard. Consider the volume and rhythm in the sound recording process.

The sound of low notes becomes louder on the left side, while high sounds are more clearly heard on the right. The lower the sound becomes, the louder and further it is heard on the left, the higher it is on the right.

By panning the low sounds to the left and the high sounds to the right, we make the listener feel like sitting behind a real instrument. For greater effect, for example, piano recording is usually done using two microphones with a minimum distance between them. This position mimics the location of human hearing organs, makes the sound of the instrument more real, natural and tangible.

The rhythm section has a large role in modern music. It is desirable that the regulator of the mixing console is located at an elevation of 6.5-7.5. This is the range that provides the best sound recording. But two factors need to be taken into account here. The first of them will be the quality of the recording equipment itself. These parameters will be relevant for professional and semi-professional recording equipment.

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The second factor will be the strength of the recorded sound itself. If these are vocals and the voice is strong, then the mixer console regulator should be lowered. And if quiet, then vice versa. The same rule is relevant for musical instruments.

Volume plays a role, but most of us like it when there is time for respite in music, so our eardrums can admire small sound flashes. In a tight, compressed recording, the music can quickly exhale.

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