How Many #1 Albums Does Future Have?

Rap fans around the world are well aware of the name of the American artist Future. He is constantly heard, he is famous, he is often a participant in various media scandals in the music business.

But what are the achievements of the popular rapper and successful producer throughout his career?

In total, Future’s discography includes nine studio recording albums. The ninth album titled “I Never Liked You” was released on April 29, 2022.

This joyful event for the singer himself and his many fans took place after two years of silence, during which the performer did not release a single new track, not to mention new albums. It is difficult to say what caused this creative lull, but the singer’s fans tend to attribute it to the pandemic and the restrictions associated with it, which have greatly affected the music business in almost all countries of the world.

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“I Never Liked You” can be considered as Future’s only #1 album so far. Almost immediately after its official release, it took first place on the Billboard 200 and entered the top ten on the Billboard 100. In addition, the leading representatives of the world music streaming were simply delighted with the new creation of the American rapper and producer. For example, it ranked among the top charts on Spotify and many other streaming music platforms.

But with regard to the other eight studio albums Future hardly can say the same. Each of them was released at a different time and was received differently by both music critics and the audience. These albums were clearly lacking in soulfulness, according to many music critics, but there were plenty of autotune results that Future is generally said to be so fond of abusing. For this, he was repeatedly subjected to constructive criticism not only from music experts, but also from his many fans.

So, despite Future’s rather voluminous discography, the new 2022 album “I Never Liked You” can be considered the only one of his albums that takes first places not only in the charts and leading streaming services, but also in the hearts of his fans.

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