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How many albums has KISS sold?

The phenomenon of music streaming services has radically transformed both the music industry and the way people consume music content. As of today, by paying a monthly fee you automatically get:

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How many albums has KISS sold?

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It’s also worth mentioning that streaming platforms have profits not only from modern artists’ music. On these platforms, you can also find older examples of musical masterpieces. Among them, it is possible to find numerous legendary bands and artists from all time, for example, the songs of the popular band Kiss.

Kiss is a worldwide famous glam and hard rock band. However, on top of that, you may also notice some disco and pop elements.  

The fans of Kiss are spread across the world and their number can be measured in millions! So, if you ask the question, How many albums has KISS sold?” – the answer will definitely surprise you. According to official statistics, the group has sold over 100 million records and more than 20 million copies of albums. Their works received gold and platinum awards a number of times. Such a high frenzy around the rockers’ creativity is explained by their special way of performing songs and their eccentricity.

During the first years of the band’s existence ( it was created in 1972), its members proved themselves extremely well. First of all, they all were professionals. All participants had a good command of musical instruments and understood what the public needed. 

Secondly, they quickly figured out how to get the audience’s attention. So everyone came up with an interesting and eccentric look that was made up for the concerts. Also, in addition to the costumes, the members of Kiss behaved correspondingly. They could smash their guitars, spit blood during the  performance, and so on. All this made the public admire Kiss’s performances.

As of today, the band is no longer performing. Their last goodbye tour was in 2021. But fans have not stopped enjoying their work. All their songs and albums are available on streaming platforms.

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