How many devices can I use on Spotify?

Spotify has been providing outstanding service to over 50 000 songs for years, with hundreds of millions of satisfied customers. 

One of Spotify’s features that made it all possible is extreme dedication to thinking through all of its aspects and providing unrivaled value to users. You can (and probably should) use Spotify on as many devices you think is necessary (for example, on your PC at home and iPhone in your car on the way to work). 

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However, using Spotify on different accounts at the same time is a feature that comes with a Premium membership. For only $9.99 you get access to substantially better service with no ads and plenty of other useful additions like better quality of music and downloadable content. For example, the Family plan is the next step. When you transfer over, for only $5 you can share the thrill of having the world’s best music at your fingertips with 5 family members. 

So the short answer to the question is – you can use Spotify on as many devices as you like regardless of the plan. If you want to use Spotify on more than one device at a time, be sure to go Premium. 

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