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How Many Platinum Plaques Hoes DJ Khaled Have?

There are legends about this amazing artist. It is probably difficult to find such an extraordinary and controversial personality as DJ Khalid.

Today, this artist of Palestinian origin has thirteen studio albums, four of which have gone platinum.

DJ Khaled was born in New Orleans in 1975. His parents were Palestinian immigrants who fled the war in their homeland with only two hundred dollars in their pockets. And today, their son is considered a multimillionaire, whose fortune is estimated at $ 75 million and is constantly growing at a hypertempo.

Critics see Khaled as the tycoon of the music business: all day in the studio, stoned and making beats. Khaled makes really great music. But more importantly, he creates event songs, sets the direction, attracts the right people. And after everything is done, he evaluates the results and does all the administrative work.

Khaled came of age in the late 80s breaking dancing (known in dance circles as Special K), collecting vinyl records and practicing his turntables in the garage. He sold music behind the counter while guys like Wayne sold their mixtapes all over the world.

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After fate brought him to Florida, he set himself apart from other DJs, becoming the loudest enthusiastic voice on radio and in clubs. Of course, he fantasizes about the unlikely downsizing of his team. At the same time, he treats musicians like rare collectibles.

By the way, the first thing you see when you enter the house of this mega-popular producer is a vintage autographed photo of Nas and Jay Z, who were once bitter rivals. And, of course, there is something that worries Khaled very much: that he still hasn’t had the opportunity to work with Eminem. (“It’s going to happen soon. I can really feel it. His lawyer is my lawyer.”) Khaled screams from the rooftops about his every accomplishment, not only because Khaled is his biggest fan, but because he’s rap’s biggest fan.

Recently, Khaled set a new rule: he and his family should not be separated for more than three days. Khaled, if you don’t know, is afraid of flying. Tony Robbins, a celebrity and business strategist, tries to help him overcome this fear by leaving voice reminders every few weeks, reminding Khaled that he will fly in his private jet for him.

In other words, it is all as real as social media is unreal. Constantly encouraging people to be both blessed and humble, Khaled himself is the epitome of all these two qualities. Authenticity may not be relevant to his art, but it is essential to his lifestyle.

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